Re-opening of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

A Phil-UK reader, Pow Belgado, asked me to let you guys know about the re-opening of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. As usual, posting these messages doesn’t mean that we endorse any particular viewpoint. Do your own research to keep informed about the issues.

A Call to Filipinos Around the World – Tell the Philippine Congress “No to Nukes”

The re-opening of the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is a hotly debated topic in the Philippines. House Bill 6300, which is currently in the House of Representatives, seeks PHP 100 million pesos of our tax money for a feasibility study. Several studies over the past decades have already said that this is a dangerous plant to operate, and in one study that already cost millions of dollars they found 40,000 defects in this plant! Later on our Congressmen are going to ask for $1 billion dollars to refurbish the power plant. The BNPP’s tainted history is already a hard lesson on how the pursuit of nuclear power has been a gargantuan and unjust burden on Filipinos. Even now, with moves for its revival heralding what appears to be aggressive plans for a national nuclear program, nuclear power may become the altar upon which this country will bankrupt itself.

Nuclear power is the most dangerous, and most expensive source of electricity. It won’t help our country achieve energy security because it won’t lower the costs of power, and it won’t reduce our dependence on imported fuel. Nuclear power will also not solve problems like climate change.

One key solution to genuine energy security and climate change is Renewable Energy. Renewable energy is clean, safe and cheap. And the best thing about it is, we already have a Renewable Energy Law—so we don’t need to revive outdated technology like the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant to achieve our quest for energy solutions.

We must tell the congress we don’t want nuclear power!

If you want to tell Congress that you don’t want nuclear power sign in and we’ll make sure your message is delivered.

Your voice and those of your family, friends and colleagues will count!
Sign the petition TODAY!

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