A Filipino International Radio

A visitor wanted to tell us about his new music site AFIRtayo.com. Take a look:

www.AFIRtayo.com (A Filipino International Radio) has been created with the purpose of “bridging all the international Filipino communities in order for them to have one voice.”

Listeners may ask this question: “What makes AFIRtayo.com different from all the other net radios?”

Aside from the kind of music that matches the liking of majority of the listeners, AFIRtayo.com makes you feel at home, not just because you are listening to music that suits your taste, but rather it helps you build a certain bond with all the other listeners through being able to communicate with them; every listener has a privilege to voice out his or her thoughts, feelings and opinions and be a part of a world-wide community of happy and expressive people. This site, although especially made for Filipinos, is not exclusively for Filipinos. People of every color and race are very much welcome to join this community!

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