Miguel Syjuco, author of Ilustrado, to appear at Asia House

Miguel Syjuco – Ilustrado
with Maya Jaggi
Wednesday, 2 June 6.45pm

Acclaimed Filipino writer and winner of the 2008 Man Asian Literary Prize, Syjuco appears at Asia House on the publication of his epic tale. Beginning with a body pulled out of the Hudson River, Ilustrado takes us to the Philippines for an entertaining, generations-long saga of revolution, familial duty, political intrigue, and a people’s enduring struggle against their own worst tendencies.

Miguel Syjuco was born in Manila in 1976, and has lived in Australia, the US and Canada (where he is currently resident). As well as winning the Man Asian Prize, the manuscript of Ilustrado was awarded the Grand Prize at the Palanca Awards, the Philippines’ highest literary honour. Miguel will be speaking with award winning journalist, critic and presenter Maya Jaggi.

Talk followed by a reception sponsored by PICADOR.

Asia House Members £5, Concessions £6 & Others £10 For booking: 020 7307 5454 or [email protected] Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP www.festivalofasianliterature.com

“Ilustrado” – a satire of the chaos and violence of Philippine politics | Phil-UK

As the Philippine election period draws to a close, the New York Times features Miguel Syjuco and his first novel, “Ilustrado”. It is a satire of the chaos and violence of Philippine politics which parallels his own life. Miguel Syjuco won the Man Asian Literary Prize for the book in 2008.

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