British family documents damage from Super Typhoon Odette

Jmayel, Sacha and Story, a British family living in Siargao documents their experience when Super Typhoon Odette touched down on the island. They run the YouTube channel Eight Miles from Home.

Super Typhoon Odette touched down on Siargao Island and destroyed our home. This video contains real storm footage from December 16th, filmed from our beach villa in Pilar. The damage to the Philippines is catastrophic.

If you wish to send help to Siargao please coordinate with our friends Mary Jane Ysulat and Learni Snyder on the 8 miles from home supporters page on Facebook 🙏🏽

Our names are Jmayel, Sacha & Story. We traveled to Siargao island with Jmayel’s mum & Story’s grandma just before the Global pandemic that sent the whole planet into quarantine. We got stranded for months and fell in love with island life, now we want to make that life more permanent.

Follow us on this journey 🙂

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