Urduja, a Filipino animated film

What happens when Pocahontas goes to the Philippines? She becomes Urduja. Seriously though, other than the weird similarity to the Disney character, this animated film doesn’t look bad at all.

It’s about Princess Urduja a 14th century warrior of legendary Tawalisi, said to be in Pangasinan, northern Philippines. We can’t be sure that Urduja really existed. Philippine written history only started during the time of Spanish rule. However, the odds are that most British-born Filipinos like myself have only heard of Lapu-Lapu, Dr Jose Rizal and The Katipunan bunch. Discovering something new about our past is refreshing.

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Learn to speak Tagalog Podcast

Here’s a useful site for second-generation Filipinos who want to learn Tagalog.

If you grew up in the UK and never learnt Filipino, take a look at Manuel Viloria’s Pinoy Podcast. You can subscribe and load them into your MP3 player for those tube journeys. He also has a web player so you can listen directly on the site.

Manuel’s already on Episode 40 so there’s lots of catching up to do.

filmefilms update

filemefilms have an update video for 2008. Take a look at their latest videos and redesigned site at filmefilms.tv.

Filipino martial arts event in London

For anyone interested in Filipino martial arts, there are two upcoming events:

  • The Seni Eskrima Open Championship – Excel, London on 26 April 2008
  • World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF) Invitational tournament – Mile End, London on 2 March 2008

You can get more information from www.dgdocepares.co.uk

Filipino martial arts event in London