Barrio Fiesta Sa London 2009

Update June 2010: Details for the 2010 Barrio Fiesta can be found at this page.

Wondering when the next London Barrio Fiesta will be held? The Philippine Centre, organisers of the event, announced that it’s set for Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2009. As usual, it will be held in Lampton Park, Hounslow, TW3 4DN.

Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat of last year’s confusions after Hounslow council temporarily shut it down.

Update 16 July 2009: We’re starting to hear conflicting information about whether or not the event will go ahead. Some people are saying that Hounslow council have once again refused the health and safety permit; others are saying that it’s pushing through. We can’t verify what’s true at the moment because no-one at the London Borough of Hounslow could confirm this information when we called. They gave the number for John Laing Integrated Services, the contractor who’s responsible for park maintenance, but there was no answer.

We strongly suggest finding out for yourself before heading off the the Barrio Fiesta this weekend. Contact numbers below.

John Laing Integrated Services: 0845 456 2796 or 020 7901 3200
Philippine Centre: 0845 838 7880 or 020 7096 1246 (ask for Gen Ashley)
London Borough of Hounslow: 020 8583 2000

Update 18 July 2009: It looks like everything is set up and ready to go (see comment from Martin below). For those of you who’ll be there, have a great time and let us know how it goes.

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60 responses to “Barrio Fiesta Sa London 2009

  1. Hello were can I get more info about the Barrio Fiesta 2009? Who is attending the Barrio Fiesta and will there be a bus to Lampton Park? Who are the guests. Does anyone know???

    1. Hi there,

      The Philippine Centre is the group who organises the Barrio Fiesta in London (Hounslow). You can contact them for more information by emailing enquiries at Philippinecentre dot com

      1. What time will they open the gates to park at the Barrio Festaval? Does the parking get filled up quickly? Once we are in the park is there anything that is not allowed? Also is there any singers or actors that will appear?

        1. One of the commentators here gave the opening times of barrio festival

          Saturday – 10am to 6pm
          Sunday – 10am to 7pm

          Yeah the parking gets filled quickly cos loads of people go there and try to park nearby. When ur in u can bring food and sit around and eat piknik style and do anything u want if its not illegal. Theres usually a Pinoy police office who walks around anyways.

          There are always Filipino singers and actors how appear in every festival u don’t have to bother askin haha! I dont no who but the rumour is Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes gona be there.

      1. if anyone can answer my question pls email me…

  2. Oh my God!!! May nauna na sa Barrio Fiesta? In Hounslow.. She made an album in facebook stating that it was apparently Barrio Fiesta Hounslow???? And it clearly states in your website that its being held on July 18th to 19th..??? If this really happened I think that one of the people who actually manages this website should atleast update the info.. I just hope that woman.. lets just hide her name as Mrs. Ace…Yan na po..

    1. There has been no entrance fee in the past so I doubt there will be one this year. It seems that they cover expenses by charging stall-holders who then sell products and services to the visitors.

    2. The first time there are charges to enter the fiesta will whither away to nothing, prices inside are high there is no need to make extra profit.

      Also if i may add for soething so big its a week to go where is the massive advertising the sites , the entertainers, the food, why so low key ?? i hope it wont be canncelled at the last minute again, and so many people including us lost so much money , hotel deposits, train fares etc..come on sell it or lose it.

      1. Yeah your right. I heard that they charge the stall holders a high rent so the stalls need to raise their prices to make up for it. I think there isnt much advertising cos only one group is organising the event so they don’t have the money to go around for extra publicity. All the stall holders do their own advertising but it’s mostly to their own customers and members. So basically everyone is doing their own thing in the Filipino community so you don’t see one big obvious drive.

        1. That is a shame. Everyone in the Filipino community should join together and promote our barrio fiesta. It is the biggest event in the calendar so we should be proud and shout out about it na. Sayang if it has to be postponed again this year it will be a black spot to our reputation as a community to organize ourselves.

    1. I don’t know the exact start and end times for the Barrio Fiesta. In years before we just went to Lampton park in the morning and everything was already set up and we stayed until late afternoon but people were still there. Mybe theres no real start and end time so you can just turn up and it will already be open hehehe

    2. Hi, the event is this weekend, July 18-19, 2009.

      Opening times :
      Saturday – 10am to 6pm
      Sunday – 10am to 7pm

      Usual venue : Lampton Park, Hounslow, TW3 4DN


  3. I contacted hounslow council and they told me that the organiser fail to give adequate safety plan so permit was turn down.
    Sounds like same as last year.
    We came fro wales in a coach last year and had to pay for NOTHING, so we wont be coming

    1. Just like paula i also rang hounslow and was told that the organiser had submitted a safety plan that was rejected.
      What are this organizers like? They shouldn’t be allowed to organise a kids party.

      Lets go back to smaller, more local, event.

      I wont be going

      Dont trust these organisers now, just like last year, we will only be told too late its not happening.

      Malou Copus

      1. I called Hounslow Council at 0845 456 2796 about this event, they said that this event is on.

      2. Why is everyone hating??? BARRIO FIESTA IS NOT CANCELLED. It is on! I live near the park and have seen so many filipinos the past couple of days already setting up. And why does everyone complain too much??? typical filipino!

        Why dont u try to organise something as big as barrio fiesta if you think you can do better… At the end of the day, barrio fiesta has been going on for 25 years, there is so much work involved in this and I am sure the organising committee are very dedicated to making sure it is a success year on year, they give us so much of their time FOR YOU!!! and u all complain too much, but year on year you still want to go, but year on year u complain!!

        Oh and for information the celebrities are, hollywood filipino actor, Michael Copon (Scorpion King 2 and One tree hill), Janno Gibbs and Allan K.

        For those who will go, have fun and the only thing you have to worry about is the RAIN!!! Because that is out of our hands!!!

        1. Strange how you remain ANONYMOUS when you have the chance to put your name. Let me guess… you are one of the organisers.
          The reason we are, the way we are, is that the organiser last year were dishonest with us and like the girl from Wales we travelled all the way from Leeds when the orgainsers KNEW that thay had no permit.
          I agree, keepp it small and local…
          To many ego’s and crab mentality amongst the organisers.
          Get back to the true meaning of a fiesta… Its not a commercial opportunity!!!


          1. Marie,

            Hindi mo kaya naisip na ang 25th Barrio Fiesta na nagumpisa 25 yrs ago na at ang mga nagpapalakad ay mga miyembro ng Charity na ang Philippine Centre ay mga Pilipino din tulad mo ?
            Inumpisa nila ito para sa mga Pilipino at kaibigan na makapagtipon maski na nandito sa UK – nagumpisa siya ng maliit , tanong mo sa Philippine Embassy siguro noon wala pang 200 tao dumalo …

            Kaya lang ngayon imbis na kaonti marami ng Pilipino dito sa UK at siyempre mas maraming gastos at mas maraming patakaran ang hinihingi ng mga pulis, council etc …ngunit inisip mo kaya na pareho pa rin ang mga nag vo-volunteer para sa Charity para maganap ang fiesta?

            Parehong mga organiser na may sariling trabaho at pamilya pero iniisip pa rin ang kapwa pilipino at nagbibigay sila ng oras na walang bayad para magpulot ng basura, taas ng banner, sumayaw sa stage , first aider , umattend ng meeting , magtayo ng marquee, maglinis ng bano, magbaba ng banner at bunting , fund raiser , raffle ticket seller , kung ano mang maliit na tulong ….

            Nainis ka dahil nawalan ka ng pera – eh ang mga organiser na linalait ng iba walang mga bayad ang marami na tumutulong para maganap ang Barrio Fiesta ng Philippine Centre Charity sa Lampton Park tuwing July….para maka dalo tayo at magpa siya at para magkaopportunidad ang mga Pinoy small business na gumawa rin ng pera para sa kanilang mga pamilya…

            Hindi mo kaya inisip na baka noong sinabihan tayo na hindi matutuloy ang Barrio Fiesta ng July 2008 ay pinaglaban ng mga organiser (na linalait marami ) hanggang dulo ang pinakamalaking maipagyayabang na mapayapang pagtipon ng Pilipino sa London?

            Sana man kung hindi mo na isip…isipin mo ang kapwa mo na tao at patawarin dahil siguro maliban sa oras at pera may pawis din silang nagastos at hinanakit dahil mahirap ang maging organiser. Maski na sa birthday party ng anak ko maraming oras ang nauubos at nakakapagod e 20 lang ang kaklase niya …

            Sa mga organiser hindi man lang nila kilala ang mga dumadalo sa party na Barrio Fiesta ng Philippine Centre Charity kayod pa rin sila para sa libo libong tao na dumadalo …. alam ko hindi sila perfect pero meron ba sa atin na walang sala ?

            Sana pasalamatan natin ang kapwa natin na nagtratrabaho upang magdala ng saya sa kommunidad ng mga pinoy sa UK…hindi nga natuloy noong July 08… pero hindi ba maipagyayabang na pinaghirapan ng Charity na magkaroon ng fiesta sa Sept 08 maski linalait ng mga kapwa pinoy sa crab mentality na tinutukoy mo- nag karoon pa naman ng Fiesta di ba – at meron ulit itong taon na ito Barrio Fiesta 2009 ?

            Naging volunteer na ako ng Charity..matagal na iyun noong uso pa ang shoulder pads at …mahirap na noon magpulot ng basura …mas mahirap pa siguro ngayon dahil mas maraming tao na dumadalo…

            Alam mo ba na ang Philippine Centre Charity noong nag umpisa ay tumutulong para makatayo ng fiesta sa ibang mga county sa UK? Sana bumalik ang panahon na iyon…pero noon hindi ka rin makabili ng Toyo sa Tesco; at maraming mga Pinoy na TNT … alam nating lahat hindi tayo babalik doon…

            Pag isipan na lang natin ang mga bata at imbis na magsalita na nakakasira isipin na lang natin na ang kapwa nating Pinoy ay may ginagawa na magaling… umpisahan na natin sa sarili nating gawain sa araw araw….

          2. Who was that rediculious woman Gen Ashley,who made a complete fool of herself in one of the sponsors marquee’s. I made a p oint of finding out her name.
            She was shouting at another lady, who to her credit remain calm under extreme a barrage of shouting.

            She does your community not credit at all.

            If she is an example of the organisers I certainly understand why people want to the own thing in their own community.

            She was disgrace to the filippino people!!!!!!

            Richard Mayers

          3. Ref: Richard Mayers Comment on Gen Ashley.

            One of the organizers quite rightly said on stage that to hold a event as big as this will cause the “odd” tear and emotional Outburst….. We are Human after all.
            Having attended EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of the weekend (thats right , i was one of the first to even arrive! each day) I feel that your comment does not give Gen any credit for what she and others DID achieve. I found her charming and very Polite like EVERYONE else that attended from His Excellency The Ambassador right down to the poor guy who had to control the carpark !

            It was obvious that a “Dark Force” was spreading rumors about this years event , But look how good it was! I spoke to Hundreds who attended and each and everyone said it was a success and a fantastic weekend out for all the family. I think once again there was not one arrest etc . Try any other event in the Uk and see if that happens !

            Richard…she was not a disgrace at all and i would advice others reading this not to take too much notice. As you have failed to provide details of what “took Place” i can only assume that you do not have the facts of what truly took place .

          4. Hi Richard,

            I’ve just come back from Lampton Park this Monday evening after my team and I finished up the post-event activities after last weekend’s 25th Barrio Fiesta sa London 2009. My whole team were working hard on tyding up the whole park, nearby car parks and all roads leading up to the park to ensure that the park is fit for use by regular users of the park. This same team has been working hard since we started setting up last Thursday morning.

            So all in all, we have been working virtually non-stop for the past 5 days (not considering several months of preparation) and after alI this, I really don’t appreciate seeing comments like yours when you don’t even know why there was a commotion in one of the marquees. So let me give you some facts :

            1) The other person you were referring to is Annabelle Cueva; I won’t even refer to her as a lady
            2) She was not a paid stallholder and she was not supposed to setup to trade; she did so without permission; she already had 2 laptops setup on one of the tables when my attention was called by other stallholders
            3) While as a member of the public she is entitled to attend the event as a fiesta-goer/visitor, you need to remember that other stallholders have paid for the right to trade or represent their businesses in this event. Like any such event, whether at Earls Court, NEC, Excel Exhibition Centre (where my other companies participate in as exhibitors) where people pay to attend as businesses, those who have not paid are not permitted to trade at all.
            4) Stallholders who have contributed in making this event a success should not be disadvantaged by a rouge member of the community whose business ethics are questionable to say the least.

            Feel free to call me at my office numbers below if you need any more information or clarification.

            Gen Ashley
            Publisher, ONE PHILIPPINES Newspaper
            Telephone : +44 208 7803152 (DIRECT)
            Telephone : +44 208 7805545 (ADVERTISING)
            Email : [email protected]

          5. Ms Ashley,

            My wife is from the Philippines and I appreciate very much the Philippine people and their country and spend time at the Barrio Fiesta in Hounslow each year.

            You can make all the excuses you like. I am a pilot for British Airways, and as such do not take actions like this unless I have given it much thought.

            HOWEVER, I felt so strongly about what I witnessed, that I took the time to write my comments.

            No matter what you may say, I was there along with my wife, who was also shocked by your behavour.

            You were a DISGRACE to you people and culture.

            I have no intention of contacting you to listen to your excuses, as nothing could excuse such disgusting behavour.

            R Mayers

          6. Hi Richard,

            I’m glad to hear that you appreciate the Philippines and the Filipino people and that you are a regular visitor of the Barrio Fiesta in London. You would then not appreciate if anyone of these people is to be disadvantaged by a rouge member of the community.

            You say I am a disgrace to the community, if a disgrace means being thanked by a lot of people (Filipino or otherwise) for a very good and free event last weekend, then the definition of disgrace has now changed. Also, a lot of people have appreciated that I asked that woman to leave a stall where she is not supposed to trade (paid stallholders and members of the community, especially those who have had a bad experience or have been conned or are still owed money by that woman).

            You mentioned your job in BA – that does not add any weight at all to your comments – you still didn’t have the facts. At this point, we’ll agree to disagree. See you at next year’s Barrio Fiesta in London which will remain free for everyone.

            Warm regards,
            Gen Ashley
            Publisher, ONE PHILIPPINES Newspaper
            Telephone : +44 208 7803152 (DIRECT)
            Telephone : +44 208 7805545 (ADVERTISING)
            Email : [email protected]

          7. gen,
            come on gen, get a life.
            you are sounding like a complete nutter.
            if you dont like someone then that fine, but you are making yourself look a completely sad case
            a friend

            CRAP MENTALITY…

            great fun to read though

            sorry gen, i dont know you personnally, but you sound like a right bundle of fun.
            do you do carbaret shows or after dinner speeches?.. lol


          9. Cant Phil Uk stop all these comments about gen ashley, its getting very boring, nearly as much as her going on about how wonderful she is.

            come on web people.. delete this rubbish


          10. Hi Maddie,

            Yes, I can easily stop the comments by moderating them. However, I’m a pretty strong believer in the right to make your own choices: if people want to engage in bickering, that’s up to them; those who aren’t interested (myself included) can just ignore them by not taking part or going elsewhere.

            For this site, I’ve decided to step in only if:
            1) something illegal is going on;
            2) someone starts spamming.

            I have to say, though, that it’s pretty sad that the longest thread we’ve ever had on this site involves the usual squabbling within the community. 🙁

          11. “Spamming”

            Does this involve making up a name and pretending to have some sort of “credible” work that is meant to impress others.And to do this with the only intention of causing trouble? for me thats “spamming” and as i said before,This “Richard” has not been telling us the truth. Which was silly as it was so easy to check ! Based on that, its obvious that his only intention is to cause trouble. Maybe his name is Richard . But with the name provided he does not work for BA.

            For others to say Gen needs a life. I would strongly imagine she has one and a few £££ backing her. She also has done a lot more for the “community” than a lot of others. She was in charge that day. The license would have been granted to her etc .She has the right to eject anyone without giving any reason. If yu think she was wrong then ask yourself how you would handle it after maybe a few hours sleep and everyone wanting to ask questions and get answers etc

            This says more about those who have failed to say “thanks” and well done. It was free for you guys to just turn up. For that you seem very very ungrateful .

          12. Spam is “unsolicited commercial messages sent in bulk by abusing electronic messaging systems”. The comments therefore do not count as spam so far.

            With regard to your other points, I was not at the Barrio Fiesta so am not in a position to be grateful or ungrateful, nor is it any of my business to get involved in the disagreement.

          13. This all sounds to me like a few of you have some serious issues.

            Firstly we have “Richard” who thinks that by “adding” he is a BA Pilot to his attack ,will add credibility to his “story” . And The fact that he took the time to find this forum and make a attack like this is also a little bit “iffy”
            Then we have the question of Annabelle Cueva . It took me 3 calls to verify what Gen had said. The lady concerned is very “well known” for “all the wrong reasons” And i would classify her as a Thief based on the simple fact she was cheating the other stall holders and organizers who would have invested a lot of money to trade for the 2 days. She was trying to trade without paying. Yet Richard and others have failed to discuss this little matter. Would you like it if she came to your house and stole? That is in effect what REALLY took place.
            Despite what took place the event was great and far superior than last year.

            Richard, it took me 2 phone calls to a “friend” to now say that I do not believe you ,as you have lied. So whilst Gen has never once denied the issue, I question you and your motive for trying to blow this out of all proportion

            But as suggested, This forum needs better moderation .

          14. this is great…. never had so much fun reading in my life.
            you guys have serious problems.
            Its so obvious a child could work it out!!!!!

          15. perhaps we could run a series and call it the pinoy muppets show.
            its better that whats on tv.
            maybe we could put everyone in a boxing ring and beat the ‘shit’ out of each other, after all we all enjoyed manny show
            boxing lover

          16. I really had fun reading all the comments here in Phil-UK this morning – good, bad and especially the funny one on the proposed boxing match! We sponsored Manny Pacquiao’s Meet and Greet event with the Filipino Community a few months back, and it brought back memories of that day. 🙂

            I am proud of the second generation Pinoys who have taken the time out to get involved in discussions in this forum. Yes, there are serious issues with some segments of the community which we at ONE PHILIPPINES Newspaper, in our own little way, would like to address – and one way is to stick to long-held principles, one of which is not letting “people who think they can get away with things” not get away with them.

            In the next few months, we will be engaging the second generation Pinoys even more by getting involved in projects that cater to your generation. We will also have a section in the newspaper that lists events/happenings that your peers have either put together or identified to be of interest to you. So watch out for future issues!

            Warm regards,
            Gen Ashley
            Publisher, ONE PHILIPPINES Newspaper
            Telephone : +44 208 7803152 (DIRECT)
            Telephone : +44 208 7805545 (ADVERTISING)
            Email : [email protected]

          17. Hi Gen,

            First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on a successful event you put up in Hounslow. It was a lot of fun and it’s like bringing me back home to Philippines again.

            Second of all, I am one of the passersby who saw the little incident you had with that lady, Anabelle. From what I witnessed that day, she is a part of the Company, Century Properties as she was wearing their uniform and was inside their marquee when you initiated the confrontation. That led me to think that she is one of THE stall holders..But if you are saying otherwise, and that Anabelle was trading illegally (in her Company’s uniform and inside her Company’s marquee), then who was those other stall holders who got your attention re: illegal trader?

          18. Hi Leila,

            Thanks and I’m glad to hear that you had fun at the Barrio Fiesta. See you at next year’s!

            Details-wise, not for a public forum like this, in respect of the company – but she is not supposed to be there as a trader (she can be there as a member of the public). That has been made clear to the company’s management prior to the event (verbally and in writing).

            Warm regards,
            Gen Ashley
            Publisher, ONE PHILIPPINES Newspaper
            Telephone : +44 208 7803152 (DIRECT)
            Telephone : +44 208 7805545 (ADVERTISING)
            Email : [email protected]

          19. ms ashley,
            You have to get a life ……
            You are coming over a one VERY SAD person.

          20. Hi Anonymous,

            Gen Ashley has a life! And a very active one at that! If you know what she’s been doing for our community in the UK – you would not be saying things like that. But of course, you are entitled to your opinion, as I am.

          21. Hi Gen,

            I respect your views and opinion but however the attitude you showed towards us was unacceptable as I was there during the incident happened. The incident was supposedly be in calm condition if you didn’t made yourself out of control. You should’ve talk to us in a nice and in a professional manner not in middle of the public. To me, you were physically and verbally abusive towards Annabelle and associates. I myself was there during the incident happened, I was so embarrassed with my guest because of your unacceptable behavior.

            Anyhow, it was so embarrassing to the Filipino & British community as we’re both working with the same company. I completely understand if we argued because of competition but it’s not! What is going on here!!??? It should be working as a TEAM isn’t it?

            All I can say is goodluck to the case!

          22. Gen..firstly you weren’t the only person that organised the Philippine Centre Barrio Fiesta in July- you certainly took a big part but unlike many people you earned and most Philipine Centre VOLUNTEERS that played a huge part they did not! No doubt you were instrumental but don’t take all the credit… you will get that in your bank balance and paper sales….

            This Cueva lady however can be proven to take credit for bringing down the Filipino and all their hard work by how she deals-
            she sets up an Independence Day gathering in the same park as the PC Barrio Fiesta that has been running for over 20 years …on the same day as the Morden Fiesta…surely pinoys are going to see this money making scheme from far away?

            I agree with the others but you should have behaved more like a lady – 2 wrongs don’t make a right…
            but hey at least this will publicise cueva etc and their dodgy dealings …..

          23. Eerrr, if the focus of us event organizer was money, we probably would have charged at the door? But as announced and promised on stage, the Barrio Fiesta sa London, which this year reached it’s 25th Birthday, will remain free to the public.

            This is already the 3rd fiesta my team managed this year where individuals were not asked to pay anything at the door and we’ve got 2 more upcoming events outside London which again will be free to the public.

            Money is not all that matters. There are other things that matter and bring joy to one’s life – and one of them is sharing your blessings.

            But thanks for your comments Lala. Given that you’re not privy to the amount of expenses involved in putting together an event (especially as big as the Barrio Fiesta in London) I can understand why you could make such comments.

            Oh, and ONE PHILIPPINES newspaper is still free to public (and will remain so) as long as they pick it up from our outlets across the UK.

            Warm regards,
            Gen Ashley
            Publisher, ONE PHILIPPINES Newspaper
            Telephone : +44 208 7803152 (DIRECT)
            Telephone : +44 208 7805545 (ADVERTISING)
            Email : [email protected]

  4. hi, what is the exact postcode that is quicker/easier to input in the navigator in getting there?also, can we park our car inside the park, if ever, what is the nearest postcode that we can park. thanks so much

    1. You could try the postcode for hounslow central tube station TW3 1JG. People used to park in the streets nearby but in the years before it was really full by the time we got there. You just have to arrive early and be quick because other people will park in the spaces before you if your late.

      1. A bit late now, but on Sundays the car park behind the High street/infront of the new ASDA and the Treaty Centre carparks are free and together have 1500 or so spaces, Its a 10 minute walk if that from the car parks to the park

  5. I’m just back from a walk in Lampton Park this morning @ 6.30am.

    All the stalls and stage have been set up.
    Some early risers are there already organising their stalls.
    The grass has been cut and the park is looking great.

    Let’s hope the weather is ok and everybody can enjoy the weekend.

  6. I truly appreciate the fact that majority of the blog readers of Phil UK are not gullible and are intelligent enough to verify for themselves if the Barrio Fiesta was on or not. Someone has posted numbers to call to verify and that’s good, because even if people heard otherwise (since some people seem to have made it their purpose in life to spread rumours that this year’s Barrio Fiesta event was cancelled), they had the chance to hear and get confirmation for themselves that the Barrio Fiesta was on. In fact even some callers heard the entertainment music at the park in the background when they called (our office numbers have been forwarded to my and my team’s mobile numbers for the weekend.)

    So to those who were able to attend, I hope you had a great time! And for those who missed it, for one reason or another, don’t miss next year’s Barrio Fiesta sa London! I’ve already started planning the event!

    Warm regards,
    Gen Ashley
    Publisher, ONE PHILIPPINES Newspaper
    Telephone : +44 208 7803152 (DIRECT)
    Telephone : +44 208 7805545 (ADVERTISING)
    Email : [email protected]
    Website :

    1. We were at Lampton Park on the first day of the festival, my sister, my husband and I had a great time and had lunch in one of the food stalls and even bought some filipino groceries. We look forward on next year’s festival.




  7. Hello Gen

    First of all I would like to thank you for a truly fantastic event, my partner is a Filipina and her, myself and 5 other friends, also Filipinas, hat a real grand time.

    The weather was great, few drops of rain kept everybody cool and the food, OMG the food was absolutely magic.

    Entertainment was also grand; one of the ladies with us was the now ever so famous Beverly, LOL. We enjoyed the good music, all the stars and I almost fell off my blanket when Myleen Klass went up on stage.

    Whatever some users in here commented, is rubbish, and I don’t care if this person flies water to the moon, in any event only people with a permit can open a business and if it gets a wee bit louder to bring this across then the blame should go to the wrong doer, she had no permit to open sales booth and should have silently disappeared once she was discovered.

    Well, a bit of excitement is good for the blood pressure anyway.

    All in all it was a great weekend and we all can’t wait till next year.

    With this all said, I wish you all the best


  8. *** 2010 Barrio Festival ****

    Imagine….. You want 50000 people to travel and visit the Festival?
    You want Stars etc to attend?
    You NEED stall holders to have faith and book stalls etc.

    Its less about 3 weeks to go. NOT a single item on the internet to “sell” this to anyone.

    Would i as a Possible stall holder feel secure about paying a deposit ?
    Would i book a coach/ Hotels for friends to travel down for the weekend etc ?
    Would I as a ” Celeb” etc show interest in a Event that seems NOT TO BE HAPPENING ?

    Its like NO ONE is interested in marketing this event. I could do link to “school type ” events that have done a far better Promotion Job than this Festival which is the UK’s largest Filipino Event.

    Last years festival managed to restore some Faith from stall holders etc . This year needs to be amazing.

    It looks like a disaster at the moment.
    YOU HAVE NO ACTIVE WEB PAGE advertising this event

    This mentality is what might be expected at home…. But your now in the Uk and need to start acting a little more business like.

    Show more respect to your paying stall holders and your visitors please.

    1. This is my experience of them

      Despite many attempts to contact them starting in Jan 2010. The centre has yet to have working email ! despite you been informed.
      Not one of there email addresses work. The pathetic website had no direct like to the 2010 Fiesta site. Even the sponsor link showed no real barrio information
      For years they have avoided working with the local papers. This year is the same .

      How on earth can members of this charity complain to me directly that there is some major issues that their Chairwoman refuses to sort out. Why did certain members leave in the last year? They might be scared of upsetting you but i am not !

      You cannot be part of the Uk and then not invite the local papers to come and do reports etc . Also you CANNOT demand that the London Evening standard publishes a article .

      Ester (chairwoman ) You are rude and very arrogant . You failed to answer my questions and so did the person it was passed to.

      You have a member of your Charity who runs a internet business. let them take control of your pathetic website and none working email system. Or have you entrusted that job to a “family member ” ??

      From what i can see today, not one of the local papers is publishing any pics or articles about this event

      This is not how you ” Integrate ” into a society .

    2. Philippine Centre is a registered charity in the UK and it is regulated and governed with rules, regulations and by- laws by the charity commission.It is not a BUSINESS ENTERPISE.
      Modesty aside, we do not need your expertise to promote and market the Barrio Fiesta as it is evident on the turn out of the two- day festival.Its a shame you did not attend.If you did,that must be your greatest misjudgement amigo.
      After the pronouncement in january,that ABS-CBN will manage the event,the following month, it was already in circulation ( Planet Phil) What local media are you referring? Try to visit the PC website once again and click on the links. Not the best but you can get information about the BF. You must have seen Lebara Mobile in our web. FYI Lebara not only sponsored the BF but also sponsored The PC web.In april,stalls bookings already closed.What marketing you are talking about?
      The biggest problem now is how to decrease the BF goers.Imagine if you managed to inform your 50,000 invites and celebs, it will be a major headache for the organisers.
      If you can pull this capacity, why dont you organise a festival you can turn into commercial venture. sadly, you do not have a space at the PC.Not for business my friend.

      1. The issue is the Philippines centre website does not work. Its crap. members of this charity have complained to me that the email links do not work etc . Its never updated etc.

        Nothing works on it. This is due to Ester been reluctant to let the right person organise it.

        Show me one photograph of the barrio festival 2010 in a UK paper. As fas as i know there is none.

        Ester was rude not to even answer a direct press request. Most of this was down to her email not working……. so typical and still does not work today!! this is months after .

        was it great … yes its a good event ( so i am told) But spoilt by the fact the PC did not want to share the event with local papers. Her demands that the londons largest paper MUST publish a pic etc is madness . This is the UK ..Not the PH !

        Make the internet site work. Sort out the email issues.This can only be done by letting th eright person organise the PC website and email system

  9. Can someone tell me where gen Ashley is?
    He company seems to have been shut down by the VAT people after she fraudiantly charged stall holders VAT for the barrio fiesta she organized?
    One Philippines her newspaper also seems to have shut.
    Can any help as I want money from her.

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