About Phil-UK

Phil-UK.com is a community information website for first and second-generation Filipinos living in the UK. Our aim is to be the place to go if you want to find out what’s happening in the British-Filipino community.

Join the Phil-UK network to get in touch with other Filipinos in Britain. Groups can benefit by promoting your aims and finding people to collaborate on projects. Individuals can help make a difference by contributing to initiatives that are important to you. Most importantly, you can have a great time meeting others out there with similar interests.

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How Phil-UK started

Phil-UK’s original founders first met each other in 2000 during the ARC (Awareness, Respect and Co-operation) meetings held by the former Philippine Ambassador Cesar Bautista. One of the main points highlighted was the need to increase the visibility of the Filipino Community in the UK, so we joined together to create Phil-UK.

We started off as a community group of young Filipinos living in Britain who came together to make sense of our place in British and Filipino society. We met in real life to start projects that got us involved in our community. Most of us were University students or professionals in finance, law, media, and technology.

As with any group of young people, we wanted change things. Our goal was to improve the perception that first-generation Filipinos and non-Filipinos have of us as a segment in British society. We were very active in the early part of this decade but other priorities in life took over. The original members of the group are now spread out all over the world.

The founders of the Phil-UK Community Group were:

  • Alexis Aquino
  • Anthony Lopez-Vito
  • Carmelo Macasaddu
  • Fe Abogadie
  • Rachiel de Chavez
  • Roann Tubalinal