Advice needed for disabled Filipina moving to the UK

I recently received an email from a Filipina living in Madrid. She would like advice for her disabled sister who’s thinking about moving to London. Please read the message below, and if you have any helpful information, please post a comment.


Dear Filipino Comunity in UK,

I’m 32 years and I’ve been living in Madrid for almost 17 years now. I am a spanish citizens as I feel comfortable in Spain. However my sister have never had adjusted with the spanish way of living and am thinking of going to London for her as I believe it is a more cosmopolitan city and there were more filipinos there to get together. Well its what Ive heard around. When I saw your website today, I am delighted to hear how you guys manage to help people in a crucial situation. I admire your concern with the filipino comunity in UK. Frankly, I dont use of going to any filipino events in Madrid but Im sure there such no helpful organisation as yours.

I need your advices if how disabled person could live in the UK. Does anyone of you knows more about this. My sister have recently applied for a double cetizenship (Filipino-Spanish) but until to date we have no

My elder brother is planning to visit London on the first week of August with his family. If you could inform me where to seek advice so that I could tell him to stopped by, I would greatly appreciate it.

Maraming salamat and more power to you!

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One response to “Advice needed for disabled Filipina moving to the UK

  1. Disabled people are very well catered for in the UK. Most public services and transportation have accessibility enhancements that help people who have different kinds of mobility diff iculties. Furthermore, if your sister is planning to live in the UK, the local council of her new home may help in fitting it out with disability aids. The government also offers grants to disabled people.

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