Trial users wanted for mobile remittance service [payment offered]

We’ve been contacted by a company running a trial for a new mobile remittance service. The system will enable quick instant, mobile money transfers, from the UK to the Philippines via Globe GCash.

Filipinos who regularly send money to friends and family in the Philippines are needed to trial out the new service before the end of the year (31 Dec 2010). All participants will be given an incentive payment of £10.

If you’re interested, please contact us ASAP.

British Filipina witnesses attack on the royal Rolls-Royce

According to ABS-CBN Europe, a British Filipina witnessed the attack on Prince Charles’ car.

Jenalyn Masilungan, who joined the march against increased tuition fees, said, “We’re not protesting against Prince Charles because he’s done nothing wrong to us. He has no say in what the government does. And I think it shouldn’t have got so out of hand with Prince Charles. That was the big story. No one cared about the protest, everyone cared about the attack on Prince Charles.”

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Manila ranked 9th most dynamic city in the world

In the post-recession world, the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program ranked Manila as no. 9 on the 30 Most Dynamic Cities in the World. Surprised? Anyone who’s been to Manila recently won’t have failed to notice the construction boom so perhaps there’s something to this.

“Talk about relying on overseas capital: The Philippines depends so heavily on remittances from far-flung Filipino workers that a 7 percent boost in mailed cash this year dramatically improved the country’s economic projections for 2010. Healthy tourism and demand for IT products helped Manila crack the top ten in Brookings’ rankings for the first time.”

Source: The Atlantic – 30 Most Dynamic Cities in the World

Airline tickets from Philippine Worldwide Connections

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Website development services

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Calling Filipino talents in the arts from padadacfilms

Hello everyone! I’m here to spread the word to all Filipino talents who might want to get involve in our future productions. We are always in the look out for new acting talents and crew who has a passion in filmmaking. For more information check out our website

New U.K. time travel novel featuring Filipino characters and locations

Image of 'Glow' book cover

Author C Ramos-Stovin contacted us to introduce his debut novel, ‘Glow: The Infinite Realms and Uncertain Certainties of Time’, which will be released on hardback on 11 October 2010. Glow is an exciting, intelligent and action packed time travel/ghost story and
using his two daughters as inspiration.

Mr Ramos-Stovin is an Englishman married to a Filipina who came to the U.K. to perform in Miss Saigon and The King and I. He now has two daughters and since being married has become very close to a lot of Filipinos. He tells us that his love of the Philippines and its people inspired him to give something back to a country.

You can visit the official book website to download the first few chapters for free.

C Ramos-Stovin: “ABS-CBN asked me a few questions relating to the Philippines and these are
the answers I gave:

1) Why did you choose a British Pinay protagonist?

I chose to use a British Pinoy character for the female lead after
deciding that there were far too many male action leads and that for what
was needed in this story, there was no reason that the character
shouldn’t be a female. I then very quickly came to the decision that if
the protagonist was to be a girl, then who better to base her on but my two
half Filipino daughters. I used traits from both and amalgamated them into
one character. Giving Filipinos something to be proud of as well as
something my daughters could read and really identify with as well as get
lost in. I then needed various locations and with no budget restraints, it
meant for the first time in my writing career, I could write whatever the
story needed, not what a limited budget would allow. So Manila was the
ideal choice for a number of chapters but I believe that any Filipino
reading will have never pictured the Philippines in this way. It’s a
unique story with a unique angle on who we are, where we come from and what
our futures could hold if we don’t take care of our planet. But it sets
the Philippines apart as a unique and wonderful setting for any story.

2) What do you hope to achieve? What kind of impact do you hope it will

Ultimately I want everyone all over the world to read Glow because
it’s an entertaining, fun and action packed story that asks you to
question many things about what you know to be real. But I chose the
Philippines as the country of the protagonist Courtney, not just because of
my daughters, but because I have been to the Philippines many times and
seen the poverty and lack of resources that exist for the poor, in
particular the children. I hope that Glow can be read by as many
Filipino’s as possible because more than anything, it’s a story about a
young girl who has suffered massively in her life, but with determination
dares to say ‘I can achieve anything’. I want it to be enjoyed first,
but leave lingering thoughts long after you finish it and hopefully one
day, even if just one Filipino child takes something positive from the
story and implements it as an adult, then the story of Glow was really
worth documenting.”