A Message from Ambassador Bautista

I wish to congratulate yet another laudable effort to have a distinct Philippines presence in the internet with the launch of http://www.phil-uk.com.

[In 2000] we sat down with a group of committed and competent young British-Filipinos towards developing a means by which our second or third generation in the United Kingdom could interact with each other as they develop commonalities of interests in a manner which enhance a sense of pride and an ambition for excellence. Towards this end, the Internet, a medium reckoned to be most appealing and convenient for this group, has been identified as the possible meeting site.

It did not take long before Carmelo, Anthony, Roann, Fe, Rachiel, Alexis and others made this vision a reality.
In line with the efforts of increasing the awareness, respect and cooperation (ARC) with the Filipino community in the U.K., I hope the launch of this site will further encourage British-Filipinos (particularly the younger generation) to be more aware and proud of their motherland’s heritage, achievements and values.

"Without pride in one’s self, how can others think highly of us?"
Welcome to yet another destination for Filipinos in the United Kingdom!