Phil-UK Advertiser Enquiry FAQ

What is covered by my fee?

  • A horizontal homepage banner advert appears on the top of articles on the homepage only
  • You may link to your website or landing page
  • You may post your telephone or email address contact details
  • Quarterly adverts include a free ‘guest post’ with more information about your offering
  • The guest post will be guaranteed to appear on the homepage for at least three months

Please ask if you would like an ad placement for the entire site.

How many words can appear in my advert?

There is no fixed word limit. Generally we allow the following for banners:

  • The advert title
  • Two or three sentences for the body
  • One line for your telephone number, email address or website URL

Can images appear in my advert?

A small thumbnail may be included with the banner ad. Send through your image and it will be reviewed and resized as needed.

Do you offer any other types of ad placements?

Yes. Please ask if you would like an ad placement for the entire site or would like to place an advertorial.

How much traffic does your site receive?

Phil-UK is a niche community site so while it cannot compare with mass market websites, it caters to a very targeted demographic. The site receives hundreds of unique visitors per day. During peak periods it can reach several thousand unique visitors. If your campaign targets the Filipino community in the UK, specifically young and working-age first and second-generation Filipinos, Phil-UK is the place to advertise.

How do you accept payments?

We accept bank transfer or credit card payments via Stripe. Payments are invoiced by our website maintenance company, Another Cup of Coffee Limited.

Are payments secure?

Yes. Stripe is an established credit card processor used by many online businesses.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds but you can cancel your advert at any time.

Advertising Rules

Here are our rules for people who post adverts or undergoes a transaction as a result of an advert on this site.

We reserve the right to remove and advert that breach our advertising or site usage rules. No refund will be offered.

  1. Don’t advertise anything illegal or violate any laws.
  2. Don’t post anything false or misleading.
  3. Don’t duplicate adverts.
  4. Free adverts on the Community Board may not include the advertiser’s contact details or links to external websites. Advertisers with free adverts may be contacted using the site’s messaging system.
  5. Any free adverts containing contact details or links to external sites will be deleted.
  6. We may delete adverts for any reason and without notice.
  7. We do not edit any adverts so if there’s anything posted that you don’t like, contact the poster directly.
  8. We won’t get involved in any disputes that arise as a result of any adverts on this site.
  9. If a post violates our rules, please let us know.

Remember: We’re not involved in any way in the transactions between users. Use your common sense because Phil-UK and its administrators won’t accept liability if anything goes wrong.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Site Usage Rules.